The CERPPS is a research unit since January 1, 2016 (EA7411). Organized in three research poles, the research activities were, during the previous contract, part of the theme of prevention. The deepening of this federative theme has allowed a progressive evolution of our work towards an integrative approach favoring even more the links between fundamental and clinical research. This evolution leads us today to propose a broader common scientific objective ranging from understanding to adaptation. Read more…

Our objective of Understanding is based on the study of processes in the broad sense of the term, allowing us to identify factors (protective and vulnerability factors, risk factors, etc.) as well as developmental and psychopathological trajectories.

This can be done at the level of the person (for example, adapting the person to his or her disorders), at the level of the tools (for example, developing evaluation or diagnostic/screening tools), but also at the level of innovation and evaluation of intervention and prevention methods. This common scientific object is pursued by each pole according to their own specific approaches and targets.

Pole 1: Psychopathology

Pole 2: Neurodevelopmental disorders

Pole 3: Health psychology